The Benefits of Data-driven Marketing

Headquartered in Tampa, FL, Revenue Management Solutions was founded in 1994. Focusing its efforts on the retail and restaurant industries, Revenue Management Solutions helps businesses locally in Tampa, FL, as well as in locations worldwide to build marketing strategies based on data and analytics.

Creating a successful marketing plan begins with data management and analysis. Gathering information about existing and potential customers, marketers delineate specific characteristics about an ideal demographic to begin building a plan of action. Surveys, questionnaires, and interviews are also useful in obtaining consumer data.

Quality data assists marketers with understanding consumer needs, how to reach them, and what message to send. Using data to drive marketing initiatives helps businesses reach the right people. It identifies individuals based on traditional metrics, such as gender, age, and income, and also illustrates purchasing trends of consumers. Based on this information, a marketer can create a promotion or campaign that targets a specific audience, one that is most likely to take action on an offer. Using data-driven marketing is an effective method for saving time and money, increasing sales, and building brand awareness.


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