Why Use Pricing Analytics?

Since its inception two decades ago, Revenue Management Solutions has become a valuable resource for businesses. Located in Tampa, FL, the firm offers state-of-the-art techniques for increasing gross profit. While it proudly serves companies in the area of its base in Tampa, FL, Revenue Management Solutions has expanded its reach to include national and international enterprises. Among its products and services are merchandise planning and a custom price engine, also known as pricing analytics.

An advanced method in data research, pricing analytics offers companies the value of identifying their most profitable customers, products, and services. Using data derived from pricing analytics, an executive can explore factors that impact the bottom line, such as market conditions and competition. By focusing strictly on numbers, decision-makers can clearly see what tactics and strategies are performing well and how others can be improved. Pricing analytics gives businesses the opportunity to match the right product or service with the right customer at the most profitable return.

The method takes into account purchasing behavior at different, segmented levels of the customer base to thoroughly define the purpose of an acquired item or service and the frequency. This helps determine customer loyalty and whether or not a promotional price is suitable for the sales volume brought in by the consumer. Furthermore, pricing analytics helps organizations avoid mispricing products or selling underpriced services.